Communication Access

Convention educational sessions will be real-timed captioned.  American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting and Cued Speech transliteration can be provided upon request and as resources are available. Requests should be made at the time of registration for the convention. Requests for ASL interpreting and Cued Speech transliteration must be made no later than May 28, 2018.

Questions about communication access? Email


Attendees requiring translation in another language are permitted to bring an interpreter (at their own expense) for the days they attend at no additional charge (with exception of meal events) for the interpreter's attendance.  


WiFi will not be available in the convention meeting areas.

Presentations and Handouts

Presentations are provided to AG Bell by lead presenters of sessions for the purpose of providing the convention educational program. AG Bell does not share raw PowerPoint presentations with attendees on its website. AG Bell has requested that all presentation handouts are submitted to AG Bell by May 18, 2018 so that handouts may be uploaded to the convention website by AG Bell staff.

Printed handouts will not be provided at the convention, so this information will be posted on the AG Bell website and allow attendees to access that information prior to the convention or onsite at the convention. Handouts are requested early so that they may be sent to Communication Access Real-Time Translation (CART) writers for preview and entry in captioning equipment prior to the convention and assure quality access for all attendees.

Handouts that are received after May 18, 2018 may not be loaded onto the website prior to the convention. In those circumstances, lead presenters may want to provide paper copies of their handout to attendees at the convention. AG Bell staff will not be able to arrange for, make, pick up, or distribute copies at the convention.