Stars at the 2016 AG Bell Convention!


Neil Maes

11-year old CI recipient who recently participated in the National Scripps Spelling Bee.  He also plays the piano and has a sister that also has a CI. Thanks to AG Bell, he was recently featured in The Washington Post, AP, NY Times, ABC news, WUSA Channel 9, Good Morning America and more! He traveled from SC to participate in a media briefing at the Volta Bureau on May 23rd. He will be in Denver to continue to advocate for children like him.


Brick Reilly

Brick was a contestant on American Gladiators, Season 2. He is from Springfield, NJ and is quite the athlete!  He was born deaf, and decided to receive a cochlear implant later in life so he could have the ability to hear. He continues to mentor and inspire deaf children in the NJ area.  He will be joining us at the conference in Denver and has a cool super power outfit he is wearing to excite the kids in the children’s program.



Nina Poersh

Survivor – The Worlds Apart Series cast member Nina is a cochlear implant recipient after losing her hearing almost a decade ago at age 44.  She is 52 years old and is working on a book to share her experiences with hearing loss as well as Survivor. She will attend convention and explain some of the challenges she experienced on and off the show.  For example, she missed 90% of the conversations on the show and had to work around it to be a true team player. She is the second person with hearing loss to be a cast member on Survivor.



Jonathan Hutcherson

Recent contestant on season 10 of “The Voice”. Although Jonathan was eliminated in earlier rounds, he still advocates through his music and song. He plays the guitar and will perform at various events during Conference and will spend time with the Children’s Program where he will do a sing-a-long.  Jonathan was born with moderate hearing loss and has worn hearing aids since he was 2 years old.